GLI.TC/H 2011

November 2011 - Enemy, Chicago, IL - Steim, Amsterdam, AN

Modulating Fashions in Fades and Wipes - Chicago

selection from Steim - Amsterdam

Space Madness from the Beyond

July 2011 - Revolution Cycles, Madison, WI - Dfbrl8r, Chicago, IL

Visit the official show page for information and downloads.

Journey Through the Oort - Revolution Cycles

Dorkbot Chicago

May 2011 - Enemy, Chicago, IL

From the press release:

Vaudeo Signal is an ongoing exploration of the interconnectivity of
sound and light. Media artists and medium hackers Evan Kühl and Ben
Baker-Smith repurpose a variety of aging archaic audio/video hardware
to forge synesthetic experiences.

Join Ben and Evan for a night of throbbing, squelchy, stroboscopic
sound and light - in live performance and Q&A, as well as a screening
of their self-titled 2010 release Vaudeo Signal.

Grotesque signal warfare will commence!

Machined Love

Important Questions About Rain

Strange Electronics 2

May 2011 - Enemy, Chicago, IL


January 2011 - Maria's, Chicago, IL

The first in a series of monthly screenings and live shows at Maria's organized by Theodore Darst.


October 2010 - Nightingale Theatre, Chicago, IL

We appear between 4:24 and 4:40 on the video.