SNObound voices concerns for the future of snow. It may be that future humans do not experience snow. It could be that █████ causes us to experience a whole lot of snow. It seems that the future of snow is up in the a█r.

Modulating Fashions in Fades and Wipes


25 disc short-run release for Strange Electronics 2.


A 30 minute album of sound and light recorded by Ben Baker-Smith and Evan Kühl in late summer 2010.

Track List

1. fralix_01
2. unsound
3. yellow splice
4. radiation_test
5. rainbow passed me by
6. color trough
7. prism #3
8. light being

Created with the help of...

Ale Asylum, Alesis 3630, Ampex 407, Ashly GQ215, Audacity, Backstar Creative Media, Behringer MX 1604A, Behringer VMX 1000, Boss DD-20, Boss FS-5U, Canopus ProCoder, Casio CZ-1, Crown PZM-180, DBX 150, Digi-Key, Digital Rapids DRC-Stream 500, Electricord, Fender BXR 300C, Final Cut Pro, Fuji T-15, Fuji T-120, Fuji T-135, Furman SS-6B, Georgie Schaefer, Jackie Bousek, Katie Kühl, Korg DW-8000, MacBook, Marantz PMD670, Metropolis Coffee, Panasonic AG-7150, Panasonic PV-D4752, Pansaonic PV-M2048, Panasonic WJ-AVE3, Panasonic WJ-TTL5, Peavey Blazer 158, RCA E13320, Radio Shack 64-2055A, Reaper, Scotch 203, Seagate Barracuda, Sharp VC-A410, Sony CPJ-200, Sony MDR-7506, Sony MPU-F100A, Studer-Revox A77, Three Floyds, Video Replay, Yamaha Model 152, Zenith A25A11D